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                • Marcus Yeo©JNCC.jpg

                  A message from our Chief Executive,?Marcus Yeo

                • Jessica Taylor©JNCC.png

                  Jessica Taylor - Marine Monitoring & Evidence Team

                  When did you start at JNCC? - I began working at JNCC in November 2017.

                  What is your role in JNCC? - Marine Evidence Advisor – I work on designing and implementing offshore marine surveys for JNCC. I plan surveys to Scottish, English and Welsh Marine Protected Areas collecting data on the condition of these sites to inform monitoring purposes.

                • Paul Robinson©JNCC.jpg

                  Paul Robinson -?Ecosystem Analysis Team

                  When did you start at JNCC??- 15th October 2004.

                  What is your role in JNCC? My current job title is Senior Natural Capital Evidence Specialist, which is a bit of a mouthful. The role is all about developing new methods and combining data in new ways in order to monitor our natural capital.

                • Peter Chaniotis©JNCC.jpg

                  Pete Chaniotis - Marine Ecosystems Team

                  When did you start at JNCC? - I started work at JNCC in October 2009.

                  What is your role in JNCC? - I am currently one of the Marine Ecosystems Team Leaders working alongside two others. The work portfolio of our team is particularly diverse and broad, but is all centred largely around undertaking marine ecosystem health assessments and reporting on the results at a range of spatial scales; from individual marine protected areas right up to entire marine regions. My particular role is to lead our team's work on marine protected areas both nationally and internationally and to support wider marine ecosystem health assessment work.

                • Danny Heptinstall©JNCC.jpg

                  Danny Heptinstall - International Team

                  When did you start at JNCC? -?I started in June 2018.

                  What is your role in JNCC? -?My job title is Senior International Biodiversity Adviser, but that tells you very little about what I do! I provide expert advice to all four Governments of the UK (although primarily the UK Government) on the development and implementation of international nature conservation treaties. This includes everything from attending UN conferences to negotiate what the treaties should include, to advising Governments on what policies they can implement to achieve the aims of the treaties.

                Current vacancies

                Job title Grade Type Location Team
                Offshore Industries Adviser H Fixed Term for 6 months with possibility of extension Aberdeen Marine Management
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