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                Placing nature at the heart of sustainability and well-being

                JNCC's response to the COVID-19 outbreak is focussed on protecting our people and partners to minimise the potential for the virus to spread. We we are adhering to the Government’s advice on social distancing and travel restrictions.? We are also working with partners to ensure that the projects we support are compliant with the latest Government guidance, including the introduction of restrictions on fieldwork. Our staff continue to be available for business as usual and will respond to enquiries as promptly as possible, but there may be delays. We ask for your understanding and patience at this time.
                Marcus Yeo,?CEO, JNCC

                Working with governments, business & society

                The natural environment provides a range of benefits which can be easily impacted by human activities. JNCC works with governments, business and society to ensure better consideration and management of these benefits and to support sustainability.?

                Our role

                Sustainable global supply chains

                UK imports have an impact on the natural environment within the countries of origin, which can affect the intrinsic benefits the environment provides and undermine the long-term sustainability of supply chains. JNCC has been looking at how these impacts can be assessed and mitigated, to help establish more sustainable supplies of goods.?

                Sustainable global supply chains

                Sustainable development overseas

                The UK is a significant contributor to overseas development. If the investment is to be sustainable in the longer term, it is critical to ensure that the benefits provided by the environment, such as protection from natural disasters, are valued and managed. JNCC supports application of evidence to provide advice around this.

                Sustainable development overseas

                Offshore Industries

                The UK offshore supports a range of industries including oil / gas extraction and the generation of wind energy. These operations pose risks to the natural environment which need to be managed. JNCC has extensive experience of working with industry and governments providing evidence and advice to manage and mitigate the impacts.

                Offshore Industries

                Oceans & Climate Change

                The oceans have an important role to play in helping reduce the overall scale of climate change through locking away carbon and mitigating impacts such as helping protect from storms. JNCC advises on how to assess these benefits and apply available evidence to improve how the environment can be managed to enhance them.

                Oceans & climate change

                Land Use

                How land is used and managed has a significant impact on the biodiversity it supports, and this can impact other users and sectors which rely on the benefits. JNCC uses available evidence to relate land use to biodiversity and the benefits it provides, and advises on how the impacts of management regimes could affect this.

                Land use

                Latest News


                Successful workshop held to explore the use of Earth Observation for water quality monitoring

                A hugely successful online workshop on Using Earth Observation for Water Quality Monitoring?was held on 13 and 14 October 2020.

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                Dark Peak-Peak District copyright Jorge Franganillo/ Creative Commons License

                Using Earth observation to monitor peatland condition

                Our new report shows how earth observation imagery can be used to monitor threatened peatland habitats.

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